A spiralling walkway design at a Portoguese family home

António Costa Lima, a Portuguese architect, has designed an amazing  family home locted in the Portuguese Riviera near Lisbon.

The big highlight of the house is the spiraling walkway around the courtyard at the center of the house.

This feature connect the various living spaces with the garden roof terrace.

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In a residential neighborhood in Estoril, the house’s spiralling design is intended to represent the family’s journey and also responds directly to its position up against the windowless elevation of its neighbour.

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The building contain opaque surfaces to the streets on either side, with the majority of openings focused inward towards the garden courtyard.

Reinforcing the connection with the street, the architect used a concrete band at the base of the house.

The rendered volume above features an angled lower edge that hints at the sloping internal layout.

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The garage and entrance opens directly onto the courtyard and are partially obscured by a grille formed of narrow metal louvres.

The entrance ascend to a decked platform accommodating a dining area and casual seating overlooking the planted garden.


Around the perimeter of the courtyard, a paved ramp flanked by a board-marked concrete wall and sheltered beneath the protruding walkway climbs gradually towards a front door that opens into the main living area and kitchen.

The ramp continues up and around the central void from the lounge towards bedrooms on the opposite side, before finally reaching the master suite and an office at the highest point of the house.

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