Artefact Design House 2017


Artefact , a renowned company of Brazilian furniture, celebrated the 40th anniversary of the brand with the show – ” Design House Artefact 2017 ” in Coral Gables, Florida.
The spaces carefully designed, were inspired by major international fashion houses, respecting their styles and keeping the contemporary essence of Artefact.
The exhibition entitled ” A Fashionable Life “, joined the glamor of the fashion world to design functionality, demonstrating once again that both always go together.
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Alison Antrobus & Ruby Ramirez – Stella McCartney

Following the principles of Stella McCartney, the designers used only organic and synthetic materials.

Cristina e Monica Souza – Tom Ford

The space designed in emerald green and black colors was inspired by Tom Ford.

Elements like velvet and wood symbolize the aesthetic of the designer, which is synonymous with luxury.


Cary Fernandez – Dolce & Gabbana

Daniela Saliba – Emilio Pucci

Jader Almeida – Balenciaga

Marisol Pinto – Brunello Cucinelli

Photographs in black and white add sophistication to the space created by Luciana Fragali for fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

Mirtha Arriaran – Valentino

The space with red accents and additions of contemporary art, elegantly convey the Valentino vibration.

Susy Acosta – Lanvin

The geometric space, visually appealing, is in line with the essence of the Parisian fashion house.

Images: Craig Denis