Interior tips for 2017

Velvet, velor and wool are just some of the materials that we will see more of in 2017.

Other experts hottest tips.

Trends come and go, and they affect us often more than we like to think. See what the experts think we’ll see more of the interior front to come!

Silje Aune Eriksen, interior stylist and product designer, Grete Sivertsen, director of Oslo Design Fair and Camilla Berntsen, interior stylist and owner of Milla Boutique.

Decadent and historical

We see a lot more of it decadent. Details with historical touch, honed crystal, stained glass, bombastic forms, heavy fabrics like velvet, large flower arrangements and deep colors, says Silje Aune Eriksen, interior stylist and product designer.

She also mentioned that the interest in sustainability, nature and handicraft hold by.

There is generally an increased focus on colors, both on furniture and walls.

Brown has been and simmered for a while, but predicted a big return now. We speak many shades, from dark chocolate brown to terracotta and the pink.

Brown fit multiple styles, both the decadent and the botanical. Brown is the one of nature’s colors, which can be found in, for example, flax, wood and ceramics.

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The large pattern hit now terrazzo, who takes over for the white and green marble. The pattern can be found on everything from pillows and posters for furniture.

– Fine materials such as wool and linen stays, but velvet is the new, large, and especially the pillows. Here we find both shiny and matte fabric varieties.

True Craftsmanship

Grete Sivertsen, director of Oslo Design Fair, said good quality, reuse, decor and old traditions will be a source of inspiration in the coming year.

The same decor and a green movement and sustainability, as well as decorative and ancient traditions.

She pulls out hot and dusty earth tones like terracotta, fresh pink, mustard yellow and green. But also elements of knæsje colors, in addition to blue.

It will be a warmer, more intimate atmosphere. I also believe in geometric shapes and botanical patterns from nature, rich and lush.

Affordable, durable and warm materials such as wool, both furniture and the warm, soft fabrics. Quality trumps cheap stuff short-lived, says Grete Sivertsen.

We draw inspiration from nature and the past. We are prouder of our heritage and bring up things from history, handicrafts and old crafts traditions.

Things with a “lived life”, with rough surfaces and textures, says Grete Sivertsen.

Eclectic mix

Camilla Berntsen, interior stylist and owner of Milla Boutique highlights simple design, clean lines and materials such as marble, brass, leather, ceramics and metal.

The colors that will apply are black, gray and white, and organic elements, and true craftsmanship.

She also mentioned furniture in glass and gloss, pattern mix, embroidery, vintage furniture and chandeliers.

We see more of the deep, heavy colors in the interior, now there should be color on walls, ceilings and floors.

Extra trendy now subdued, bright RosA and coral tones, light and dark petroleumsblå, rustic colors and brown tones.

In addition, still burgundy, green and mustard yellow be hot. I also believe that ethnic print comes back, brokadestoffer and not least, graphic patterns.

Velour trend continues as never before.

In addition, I think we’re going to see more and more of various knitting and wool qualities, says Camilla Berntsen.

According to interior stylist Camilla Berntsen will woven tapestries, furniture velor ethnic touches, vintage design classics, brass and lamps shaped like pineapples and palms be popular in 2017.