Living in remote landscapes: MINIMOD CATUÇABA

From the architects MAPA

MINIMOD CATUÇABA is a primitive retreat with a contemporary reinterpretation, which more than an object aims to become an every-remote-landscape experience.

MINIMOD presents an alternative to traditional construction: based on prefab plug & play logic, it incorporates the benefits that a newly-born industry has to offer.

Quiet but not shy, its unique-in-Brazil CLT Wood-Technology combines industrialized products “efficiency and new technologies” sustainability with the sensitivity of the natural material par excellence.


MINIMOD exploration started in 2009 and still goes on.

It`s very first prototype was constructed in Porto Alegre and installed near a lake in the southern wild landscapes.

Happily, since then, quite a lot of new places have been explored. Both projects here presented belong to a new MINIMOD generation which inquires the idyllic Fazenda Catuçaba.

This old Fazenda is located in the east of São Paulo Estate surrounded by a chain of coastal mountains.

With undulating landscapes and dense vegetation, its captivating views invites to be explored.